Applying to School

Typically, you must choose a school in order to pursue one of the many available criminal justice careers. However, it is important to note that choosing a school and gaining admission to a school are two completely different things. There is no guarantee that you actually will be accepted into the school or schools that you have chosen, and a school with all of the degrees, courses, and programs you desire won’t do you any good if you can’t get in. Not only do you need to find a school that offers the courses and programs you need, you also need to find a school that actually will accept you. Finding a school that will accept you, however, is not always an easy task, and you may want to know some of steps you can take to increase the chances of your acceptance.

  • First, try to send out a reasonable number of school applications, since there is no guarantee that you will get into your first or even your second choice school. You should make sure that you have the opportunity to be accepted somewhere. Nonetheless, sending an application to every school with a criminal justice program is unnecessary. In fact, you should send out only a reasonable number of applications because there is no reason to waste your time and money on applications and fees for schools that you do not wish to attend or into which you likely will not be admitted.
  • Secondly, try to make sure that you meet all of the school’s prerequisites before you send your application, since you must meet a school’s prerequisites in order to gain admission into that school. In fact, most schools require you to submit your high school transcript or a copy of your GED, your SAT Reasoning Test or American College Test (ACT) scores, and at least one essay with your application if you are applying for an undergraduate program. If you are applying for a graduate program, most schools will require you to submit your college transcript in addition to your Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), or Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) scores, and other similar information with your application.