Finding a Criminal Justice Job

If you are interested in a career in the field of criminal justice, it is important to remember that you’re not the only person interested in such a career. In fact, many individuals are interested in the different available criminal justice careers, and you may have to compete with these individuals in order to enter your desired career. Unfortunately, this competition may not be as straightforward a process as you might like because each person has a different set of skills, and you will have to prove that you are more skilled than all the other applicants for the position. In order for you to enter your desired criminal justice career, you not only need to find a position in your chosen career, but you also need to be prepared to demonstrate your skills as effectively as you can.

Fortunately, if you are having difficulty finding or obtaining a criminal justice job, you can do four things to improve your chances.

  • First, try to change the way that you are looking. Job websites and newspapers are a good place to start your job search, but also you can try the recruiter’s office for a local or state police department, the websites of state and federal agencies,criminal justice job clearinghouse websites like and, and other places.
  • Second, try to spruce up your cover letter and your résumé. Your cover letter and résumé are typically the first two things that a potential employer will see, and you need to make sure that your résumé creates a powerful, positive first impression.
  • Third, try to make sure that you have prepared adequately for an interview before you get the call. Almost every criminal justice employer will want to you to come in for an interview at some point, and you have to be prepared to portray yourself as the kind of person that your employer would want to hire. Finally, try to make sure that you have at least three good references (preferably from individuals to whom you are not related) before you send out your résumé. Most of the employers with whom you will apply will want to talk to someone under whom you have worked or studied in the past, and you need to make sure that your potential employer can talk to some people who will describe you in a positive light.